Falcon master for a day

Falcon master for a day

Oltremare the Themepark of Riccione offers innovative paths, contains shows of elevated value, exciting experiences, original & full of educational stimulants.

Attention to detail & visitors requirements has pushed the “scientific & creative minds” of the park to build involving & exciting projects for its audience.

One significant example?¬†“Dolphin instructor for a day”¬†Programme, that till today continues to be of great success, with reservations that show fully booked & move to long waiting lists.

But the news does not end here … considering all the satisfaction shown towards the flight demonstration with has as guests a few affascinating night & day Birds & which begins from the Owl’s Mill, the last idea in the phase of completion is “Falcon master for a day”.

Falcon mastering, which is an art that comes from ancient & yet unsure origins, previews that every Falcon master possesses a moral code in which to trust; this is one of the most important points for the next program, that will combine theory & practice & will give strong emotions & feelings to its partecipants.
The theoretical part will provide you with Biological & ecological elements of these birds, it will illustrate their flying & hunting techniques, will also list the tools used by the Falcon masters, and will also show evidence of the importance of these birds of prey being in nature or in captivity.

The practical part conducted by the masters of Oltremare, will make the partecipants live an unforgettable & unique experience: glove, worn outsockbetween the fingers, & food in hand, to understand how a falcon is kept, he is fed 6 called to the fist.

You will be protagonists together with Barn owl, owls, eagles, falcons & others, of an adventure that will take you to a world of mystery & magic.