Hotel Nives - Riccione why!


The surroundings of Riccione are full of medieval villages & Borges, which still hold intact the old time traditions .... Come & discover them with us:


Viale Ceccarini



The offers which Riccione has in this section are unlimited. It is possible to taste the local cuisine visited over & over again by Italy's best chefs, or go into a typical 'Osteria Romagnola' offering the typical coastal cooking traditions. Moreover choose the exclusive fish restaurant by the seaside or be tempted by an interesting pot - pourri of restaurants that dare to offer a mix of styles.


It is impossible not to get caught by the offer of Quantity & Quality at its maximum which talks about itself across the countries borders. The city also does not lack clubs that propose very interesting aperitifs in the "prime - time" phase. It is very hard to skip a night out in 1 of the many discotheques which for years are the main part of the product of entertainment.


It is no surprise that Riccione was defined as "The green pearl of the Adriatic". Infact it has an abundance of cyclable parks with streams & mini fauna reserves, like Giardino Luigi Montanari, accessible from 'piazzale Curiel' & 'viale Milano', The Parco centrale is reachable from the Train Station & packed with Bautiful trees & beavers, which hosts the beautiful Villa Lodi Fe'. The Parco della Resistenza, the biggest with a surface of a good 110.00sqm, accessible from various roads such as: viale Montebianco, viale Castrocaro, viale Romagna & viale Capri.


Riccione is synonymous of shopping, fashion and new tendencies. From the new Palace of the Conferences the center is easily reachable on foot and is an unavoidable stage for all the 'congressisti', and the 'congressiste', that decide to grant themselves a break in the coolavenues of Italy. Not to be missed is the display windows of the international important 'griffes' of Ceccarini avenue and of the avenues Dante and Gramsci, the modern multistores that launch new life-style, and the newest 'Galleria Commerciale ' created inside them the Palace of Conferences for having everything, but just everything, within hands reach.

Sports & Motors

From the classical watersports in the ultra modern 'Stadio del Nuoto' equipped with a wonderful olmypic standard indoor pool, to Tennis be it on synthetic turf or real court surface to Squash, also much more for all types of sports. Than for golf lovers, within walking distance one can find the Rimini Golf Club & the Riviera Golf Resort, but for who prefers the thrill of motorsports must not miss the initiatives organised by the 'Autodromo di Santa Monica' at 'Misano Adriatico'. But Riccione also means fitness in the many gymnasiums/fitness centres with populate the city to satisfy everybodys wellness requirements.

Wellness e Terme

For who wants to have a Rigenerating break & put back into balance their body & mind the possibilities offered by the Beauty Centres that constellate the city & from the famous Thermal Centre Riccione Terme are many, where not only the great curable properties of the waters used for specific therapeutic treatments, one can also benefit from a quick made to measure remise en forme. In the city which boasts of Psycho - Physical wellness it is a must to give yourselves a very deserved present


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